Mission Statement

…. to provide an exceptional educational experience through a holistic approach where championship intercollegiate athletic competition, intramurals, recreation, fitness and wellness programs are a part of the co-curriculum inspiring professional success and lifelong personal and intellectual growth.

1. Develop competitive opportunities through intercollegiate programs of excellence while maintaining compliance with all federal, institutional, national governing organization (NCAA / NAIA / USCAA), and conference rules and regulations

2. Foster the development of school spirit by engaging the university community

3. Create a holistic environment that incorporates intercollegiate, intramural, and recreational opportunities with social development and academic achievement

4. Cultivate the athletic experience to prepare for personal and career success

5. Promote wellness through a variety of health and fitness programs for the campus population

6. Model and nurture sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, discipline, and dedication throughout our programs