Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff Wellness is an important part of the Wildcat Spirit on the North Miami Campus. South Florida offers a variety of opportunites to be outdoors and compete in community events for fun or competition. Not only are these events benefitial to the individual participants, they often are affiliated with local charities and non-profit organizations that support the community and national inititives.

Staff & Faculty are encouraged to particpate in the following signature Wildcat Wellness Events, but will earn points for any event that they finish throughout the year. Each mile is one point and will be recorded starting every year on Dec 15th.  According to points earned durint the year a "Leader of the Pack" will be honored at the Faculty & Staff Appriciation Day in December.

April 28,  Miami Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run 2016

Please click the logo to register. For information about registration reimbersment please emal Amera.Xayasene@jwu.edu JWU will be contributing half of the fee for the first 100 people who sign-up.

Need help preparing? Email Lsanchez@jwu.edu for the rub club schedule. We can help you create a plan to get you on the course, at any level.



Previous Events:

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 Halloween ½ marathon

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